Digital Counters

SenSource offers a complete line of digital counters with a variety of features, sizes, and mounting styles to accommodate a multitude of applications. Need a custom counter, outdoor system, or an additional unit? Contact us and take advantage of our many available options.

Miniature LCD Counters

The LA8N-series Series features an 8-digit LCD digital counter screen. The front panel of this miniature counter has IP66 dust and water protection. Featuring an internal lithium battery, this product is ideal for "count up" operation. View Product »

Multi-Function and Batch Counters

The CT/CTS/CTY Series multifunctional counter/timer features a 4 (CTS only) or 6-digit LED screen. This counter/timer can function as a batch counter (CT only) with high-speed counting of 10kcps. View Product »

LED Up/Down Digital Counters

The FXY Series features a 4 or 6-digit LED screen. This product is used for up/down counter or timer applications, selectable by an internal dip switch. View Product »

Large LED Digital Counters

The 6300 Series features a 2, 3, 4, or 6-digit intelligent LED display. The display is operated and programmed with a wireless remote control and functions as an up/down timer or counter, time-of-day clock, or TAKT timer. View Product »

Counting Systems

SenSource offers a wide range of automatic part-counting systems for every need. Our product breadth ranges from simple wired or battery-powered systems to sophisticated PC-integrated sensors with wireless multi-part and multi-facility capabilities. View Systems »