Digital Displays

SenSource offers a broad selection of display systems for every need, ranging from simple counters, timers or clocks, wireless visual pagers, or a PC-controlled display with RS326/RS486 communication capability. Need a custom display, outdoor case, or an additional unit? Contact us and take advantage of our many available options.

Up/Down Counter, Timer, Clock

Use the 2, 3, 4 or 6-digit intelligent LED display as an up/down timer, up/down counter, time-of-day clock, or TAKT timer with a wireless remote control for operation and programming. View Product »

Take-A-Number System

Manage your waiting customers effectively with a 2- or 3-digit LED display system. View Product »

Computer-Controlled Display

Control your displays serially via RS232, RS485, or 20 mA current loop communication. Outdoor versions available. View Product »

Outdoor Digital LED Display

A 12-gauge steel case and 1/2-inch Lexan screen protects the display from harsh environments. View Product »

Portable Event Timer

Transport your 4- or 6-digit LED display in a portable, reinforced carrying case with a 5-foot tripod and remote control. Contact Us »

Wired Visual Pager

The wired visual pager is an LED system that works with a connected keypad that can store up to 30 four-digit numbers. View Product »

Wireless Visual Pager

The wireless visual pager is an LED system that functions via a 460 MHz from .5 miles (inside) to 2 miles (outside). View Product »