Digital Timers

SenSource offers a complete line of electronic digital timers and analog timers with a variety of features, sizes, and mounting styles to accommodate a multitude of applications. Need a custom timer, outdoor case, or an additional unit? Contact us and take advantage of our many available options.

LCD Time Meter

The LE8N Series time meters will accumulate time in seconds, minutes or hours when a voltage, switch closure or NPN digital signal is applied to the input. Models can be ordered with or without a reset switch on the front panel. All units have reset terminals on the back. View Product »

Large LED Timer

The 6300 Series features a 2, 3, 4, or 6-digit intelligent LED display. Used as an up/down timer or counter, time-of-day clock, or TAKT timer, the display is operated and programmed with a wireless remote control. View Product »

LCD Multi-Function Timer

The LE4S Series LCD multi-function digital timer offers 13 timing modes with SPDT relay outputs. Universal supply voltage 100 – 240VAC and 24 – 240VDC make this s truly versatile timer. The multifunctional display indicates run time, presets, and output status. View Product »

LCD Weekly/Yearly Timer

The LE7M Series digital timer can be programmed for multiple timing sequences on a 24Hr clock, weekly and/or yearly basis. Two separate outputs can be independently programmed with separate sequences. Screw terminals provide for easy wiring and can be configured for front panel mount or DIN rail mount. The easy-to-read LCD display indicates programmed values along with timing and output status. View Product »

Analog Multi-Function Timer

The AT11D Series multi-function analog timer can be programmed to operate in 6 different timing modes. Timing sequences can be initiated by supply power or an independent start signal/switch. LEDs indicate power and output status. View Product »

LED Multi-function Timer

The CT/CTS/CTY Series multifunctional counter/timer features a 4 (CTS only) or 6-digit LED screen. This counter/timer can function as a batch counter (CT only) with high-speed counting of 10kcps. View Product »

LED Up/Down Timer

The FXY Series features a 4 or 6-digit LED screen. This product is used for Up/Down counter or timer applications, selectable by an internal dip switch. View Product »

Sensor Controller

The PA10-U multi-function sensor controller features 120-240VAC Input, 12VDC Output for 2 Sensors, 11 Modes of Operation, including Timing and Logic Functions, 2 Solid State NPN Outputs and 1 SPDT Relay Output, Din-Rail or Surface Mountable. View Product »