Photoelectric Sensors

SenSource's photoelectric sensors use a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technology is an ideal alternative to inductive proximity sensors when the required sensing distances are longer or when the item to be sensed is non-metal. Our photoelectric sensor product line, which is designed with advanced technology and combined with the optic & electric technology, is widely selected in the various fields of industry for its optimized functions, quality, application flexibility, and reliability. Need a custom setup? View our Part Counting systems, complete with displays, computer integration, and/or networking functionality.


Long-Distance Thermal

The BX Series features a thermal type photoelectric sensor for long distances (up to 49' with through-beam). View Product »

Long-Distance Diffuse

BA Series sensors are small, diffuse reflective types with long-distance (6.6') sensing. View Product »

Long-Distance Slim

The BPS Series sensors feature a slim, flat design with long-distance (9.8') sensing. View Product »

Short Distance Diffuse

The BYD Series sensor is a small, diffuse reflective with limited sensing distance (0.3' to 9.8') View Product »

Universal Voltage Light ON / Dark ON

The BEN Series features a compact, universal voltage type with built-in amplifier. View Product »

High Speed Light ON / Dark ON

The BMS Series sensors have a high speed response time (under 1ms) with a built-in ouput circuit protection. View Product »

High Speed U-Shape

The BUP Series sensors have a reinforced plastic, u-shaped case with a high speed response time (max 1ms). View Product »


The BR Series sensors feature 65' long distance detection, narrow space detection, and heat-resistance required detection. View Product »


Small and light, the BM Series sensors feature a built-in amplifier. View Product »


The BS5 Series provides a diverse appearance for various mounting environments and connector connection in order to increase user's convenience. View Product »

Synchronized Emitter and Receiver

The BY Series are small sensors with a built-in amplifier and synchronized emitter/receiver. View Product »


The BF Series sensors have a photolens-eliminated amplifier, combined with fiber-optic cable. They are ideal for small-object detection and quick response. View Products »

Intelligent Infrared

The ADS-A Series features photoelectric light beam sensors that use infrared rays through specially designed lenses to detect the presence or absence of an object. View Product »

Clear Parts Counter

The FRRTO Series makes it easy to flawlessly detect clear or translucent, full or empty PET bottles and containers without false signals, and much more! View Product »